Power Meter
GESI Energy Audits are based primarily upon the ASHRAE model of energy audits but are modified to the capabilities of the company and the conditions of the Pacific Region.  We offer 4 levels of Energy Audit based on the customer’s requirements.  As a base line, all levels involve activities that will result in a final Energy Audit Report provided to the customer detailing analysis of energy usage, power quality, current energy costs and projected energy costs for no cost, low cost and investment grade solutions.  Consistent with the ASHRAE model, GESI conducts interviews of operational and management personnel, site walk-throughs, energy and power quality measurements.  Dependent on the size or scope of the facilities, Energy Audits can span 2 to 6 weeks from initial interviews to final report submission.


LED Lights

Flood lights! Tube lights! Landscape lights! Wall packs! Panel lights! Light bulbs! Linear lights!

With over 1,500 different LED lights and fixtures, you are bound to find something for your home or business. With all lighting options, GESI customers can see at most 15-percent savings on their power consumption. So, you can sleep well at night knowing your property is well-lit and your wallet won’t feel a thing. Additionally, as the Guam Power Authority is looking to reduce the island’s demand on the power grid, GESI’s LED lighting products are rebate-eligible!

Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Systems

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(VRF Central System)

Mini Splits
Packaged Units
Ducted Split Units
VRF- Variable Refrigeration Flow


Solar Panel

With our Solar PV products, GESI can work with residents to provide up to 25KW per month, and 100 KW for commercial customers. That means less money out of your pockets, more power conserved, and a GPA rebate for using energy efficient products. It can also help us reduce our carbon footprint and save a little – even get a little back!


Solar streetlight

Solar powered street lighting systems are an efficient means to provide lighting. Every system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation as well as reduced power consumption during the its life. Solar street lights excellent as an area light, parking lot light, yard light and street lights. Fully automatic operation — on at dusk and off at dawn — recharges by day with the sun — FCC certified for use in the USA